Casa do Toupeiro

Located in the historic village of Óbidos near the Largo Do Chafariz and with very close proximity to the famous castle walls.  It is without a doubt situated in a touristy medieval setting.
It is an old building with a medieval feel that has had some refurbishing over the years.  It has a sun dial dating back to XVII.  Its name Casa do Toupeiro came about because it is the place where the production of a famous typical liquor originated.

It has 3 rooms equip with central heating, cable TV and Wi-Fi.
Double Room -A room with a double bed and private bathroom
Triple Room – A room with 3 beds (1 double and 2 single) and private bathroom
Triple Room – A room with 3 beds( 1 double and 2 single) and 2 private bathrooms.

Communal areas include a kitchen, living room and terrace with a view of the castle and garden.

The terrace has a spectacular view of the castle and surrounding grounds.

The garden was planned to grow a variety of plants and allow the guests to take advantage of the relaxing and calm surroundings.
A welcoming place that strives on providing comfort and tranquility to its guests in an intimate and friendly atmosphere.  In a location that is filled with history and echoes a romantic and medieval feel. 

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